All classes are certified IRS Continuing Education Courses

These webinar courses are developed to help you as a tax professional gain familiarity with the IRS Representation Process. Both Circular 230 tax professionals and non-230 tax professionals will benefit from each course.

So why should I be interested in IRS Tax Representation?

  • IRS Tax Representation is a premium tax service that many taxpayers need. However, they only know about it via the numerous radio, TV, and internet ads that promise them they can quickly have their taxes wiped away with the "Fresh Start Initiative" by simply calling a 1-800 number. Don't let your tax clients call a sale representative when you have the ability to charge premium fees to help them solve their tax issues yourself!

  • The number of qualified tax professionals that offer this service is much smaller than the number of tax preparation professionals. As tax preparation becomes more and more automated, tax representation represents another revenue source that can help extend your career as a tax professional.

  • The numbers of professional offering this services is actually shrinking! As baby boomers begin to retire, the demand for new tax professionals who can offer these services increases every year.


Are You Interested In Obtaining A Tax Representation Mentorship?

We offer a no out-of-pocket mentorship program to tax professionals who are needing assistance with their clients who have IRS Tax Representation needs

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